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D.O.-MentridaThe vineyards of the Méntrida D.O. are located to the north of Toledo Province. Méntrida climate is the extreme continental type with long cold winters, somewhat tempered by the protection from northern and western cold winds that exerts the mountain barrier of Gredos.
Summers are hot and rains scarce. These weather conditions are ideal for grape cultivation and promote the application of ecological and bio- dynamic natural techniques for winemaking.
The vast majority of vines belong to the red variety GARNACHA. They are very old low production vines, trimmed in glass in order to protect the grapes from the summer sun and ensure the best grape ripening.


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D.O. Méntrida

Anna - Poland
2016-04-26, 08:27
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ceny sa uczciwe, a kontakt to czysta przyjemnosc. Moi klienci sa
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Sylvia - Holland
2015-09-13, 08:32
The range off products is great, it`s good that we can order pallets
The prices are oke as well. Delivery times are very good ( would be … read more
David - Ireland
2016-02-29, 08:29
We have started our business with Bon Regal 6 months ago and we have found this company to be most reliable business partner that we ever have had. … read more
Paul - Belgium
2015-09-13, 08:32
For me, working with Bon Regal is perfect.

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