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Everything you need to know about Spanish ham.

Ham: A Culinary Treasure

Ham is a meat product made from the hind legs (ham) or front legs (shoulders) of the pig, which undergoes a maturation process involving salting, drying, and aging.

It is a food with a long tradition in Spain, valued for its taste, aroma, and texture.

Differences Between Shoulders and Ham

  • Ham is the hind leg of the pig, while the shoulder is the front leg.
  • Ham is larger, heavier, and has a more intense flavor compared to the shoulder.
  • Ham has a longer maturation time than the shoulder.
  • The shape of ham is longer and slimmer, while the shoulder is wider and rounder.

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The Current Situation of Olive Oil and Olives in Spain: Price Hikes and Uncertain Futures

Novedades para BoletínSpain, the world's leading producer of olive oil, is facing a challenging period for its iconic industry. Several factors are contributing to the current situation, leading to rising prices and concerns about the future:

Price Hikes:

  • Drought: Spain has experienced several years of severe drought, significantly impacting olive tree yields. This scarcity drives up prices as demand remains high.
  • Rising Production Costs: Farmers face increased costs for fertilizers, labor, and transportation, further pushing up production expenses.
  • Global Demand: Despite the limited harvest, international demand for Spanish olive oil remains strong, putting further pressure on prices.

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Chorizo - Learn about the different varieties


Chorizo, a culinary treasure of the Iberian Peninsula, is a sausage that encapsulates centuries of tradition and a palette of flavors reflecting the gastronomic diversity of Spain in every bite. This delightful blend of pork, paprika, and spices is not only a staple in Spanish cuisine but also represents a unique sensory experience that varies based on its regional origin.

There is a wide variety of chorizos in Spain; here are some details:

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Winter Dishes in Spain

Today we want to speak about FABADA ASTURIANA and COCIDO MADRILEÑO

Winter in Spain is a season celebrated with a delicious variety of traditional dishes that comfort the body and soul.

Two of the most iconic ones are Fabada Asturiana and the Cocido Madrileño. These delicacies, rich in flavor and tradition, have become essential dishes during the colder months.

Fabada Asturiana

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Discover the Delectable Flavors of Holiday Tradition! Polvorones and Mantecados: Classic Sweets from Spain

Polvorones y Mantecados"Polvorones" and "Mantecados" are confections that go beyond their exquisite taste; they are an integral part of festivities and provide a glimpse into the rich gastronomic culture of the region.

Polvorones: A Bite of Unique Texture and Taste

Polvorones are small masterpieces of Spanish pastry. Crafted from a careful blend of flour, sugar, lard, and ground almonds, polvorones are known for their soft and crumbly texture that dissolves in your mouth. The name "Polvorón" is derived from the word "powder," reflecting the outer layer of powdered sugar that imparts a touch of elegance and a delicate flavor. Moreover, there are enticing variations such as almond, chocolate, and coconut, offering a unique experience with every bite.

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