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About us

We want to make things right! Thus we try to offer a fast and reliable service, introducing more and more products that can fit our customers.

Almacen-FachadaBon Regal , S.L. was born in 1992 , when two businessman and friends from the Food sector (with stores in the Costa Brava and the border with France), HORECA Service, Distribution and Vending, join to start selling nationwide Gifts for companies.

We specialized us on the Christmas Season, because the great tradition we have in Spain to give cases with Wine, Cava and typical Spanish Food to employees and customers for this days.Almacen-Interior

In 2006 a new division of the group starts with Importation from Asian countries of promotional items for hams and wines, such as Hamholders, Knives for cutting ham or Champagne buckets and wine accessories .


In 2008, we started selling in the European Community. First of all we started with Hams, after that we introduced some Wines and Cavas and know we are offering over 2.000 different Spanish Products, including Olives, Oils, Sweets, Paellas, Clay Pots, etc…

We focus in Restaurants, typical Spanish ones or not, HORECA Channel, Beverages Distributor or Deli Shops. We think that not only big supermarket channels or big Distributers should have the possibility to buy directly. Also smaller companies should have the chance. Therefore we offer to our clients to make sorted pallets with different products. So they don't need to purchase big quantities of the same products. 

Currently we have several stores, all located in a radius of a few kilometres and modern facilities:

  •  Ham, Cheese and Sausages Warehouse of 1.500 m2 approx. with cold storage
  •  Food and Beverage Warehouse of 7.000 m2, with automatically preparing system for orders
  •  Preparing and Dispatch Warehouse with 1.200 m2 with cold store to store pallets until delivery to the carrier and also  where we have our offices

We also work directly with small artisans. Hams are produced by ourselves in dryers in Segovia and Salamanca.

Anna - Poland
2016-04-26, 08:27
Polacy kochaja Hiszpanie. W BR Spanish Gourmet jest szeroka oferta produktów,
ceny sa uczciwe, a kontakt to czysta przyjemnosc. Moi klienci sa
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Emmanuel - France
2015-09-13, 08:31
C'est une bonne entreprise d'export, il y a un vrai choix de produits, et les prix très concurrentiel. Cela va bientôt faire 2 ans que je … read more
Paul - Belgium
2015-09-13, 08:32
For me, working with Bon Regal is perfect.

The range from products is very large and good quality, the service with Rebecca at the mail and phone … read more
Jordi - France
2017-09-04, 13:02
Ca fait 1 an que nous travaillons avec BR et nous sommes toujours satisfaits de leurs produits, service ainsi que de leur prix. L'équipe de BR est … read more