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D.O.-Ribeira SacraThe Ribeira Sacra is a wine production area located along the banks of the rivers Miño and Sil, in the south of the province of Lugo and north of Ourense.
The Ribeira Sacra keeps the essence of the Galician wines, since in it all the Galician native varieties are cultivated.
The Ribeira Sacra, is primarily aimed at the production of red wines. Mencia variety is the most cultivated, which resulting in high quality young wines, fruity and very aromatic.


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D.O. Ribeira Sacra


Francisco - Francia
2018-10-03, 13:36
Trabajamos juntos desde febrero 2016. Y que puedo decir? Productos de calidad, servicio impecable y muy buenos precios y Marina siempre … read more
Jordi - France
2017-09-04, 13:02
Ca fait 1 an que nous travaillons avec BR et nous sommes toujours satisfaits de leurs produits, service ainsi que de leur prix. L'équipe de BR est … read more
David - Ireland
2016-02-29, 08:29
We have started our business with Bon Regal 6 months ago and we have found this company to be most reliable business partner that we ever have had. … read more
Jordi - Francia
2019-09-20, 09:31
On a fait déjà trois commandes avec cette société et on est très content, vraiment!

En particulier, le service au client, il est très … read more