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One of the news of this months is the  MOJAMA DE BARBATE "LA CHANCA"Mojama

Known as a mediterranean delicacy, you will find following more information about this product:

Mojama is a salt and cured Tuna, also known as "PATA NEGRA OF THE SEA"




Sello IGP Mojama de Barbate
The “Mojama de Barbate” Seal is awarded to the Mojama produced in the municipal terms of 
 or Vejer and must meet certain requirements:

It os only allowed to elaborated it with two typs of animals:

  •  Atún de Aleta Amarilla (Yellowfin)
  •  Atún rojo

Both must be of  Wild Origin – can not be bred artifically

Therefore only the Mojama made in one of these two regions, with one of these two types of animals
and complying with approved processing methods by the Regulatory Council, would be allowed to get the Seal of   "MOJAMA DE BARBATE". At the moment there are only two companies authorised by the Regulatory Concil, one of the is LA CHANCA.


Mojama is elaborated from Tuna's loins. 

  • Once extracted from the Fish, they are washed carefully, to eliminate the remains of blood.. 
  • Then the pieces are placed in large containers and covered with coarse salt, putting a weight on them, so that they press the fish. In this way it removes water. The containers where they are placed have holes, so that the liquid can come out.
  • There they will stay between 18 and 36 hours, depending on the thickness of the fish and the criterion of the master salazonero
  • The pieces are removed, washed and left to soak, repeatedly changing the water, to remove excess salt. The water is removed, they are put back in the container, putting a weight on top again
  • Once the pressing is finished, the healing process begins. The pieces are hung with a hook in a chamber, 

    where the temperature and humidity are controlled for at least 15 days
  • Finally the pieces are ready for packaging. They are cleaned again and they are reviewed to be flat, 

    to then vacuum-pack them where they will keep their characteristics for several months.


-          Mojama Extra: the pieces with less fat, from the loins near the spine 
-          Mojama de Primera: the pieces of the loins that are not so close to the spine


The mojama is sliced and served with some bread and olive oil, or prepared in salads or combined with other foods.


Depending on everyone's taste, the slices may be thicker or thinner.
We recommend removing the mojama from the packaging 15 minutes before consumption. Once out of the packaging, the healing process continues.
To prevent this and for proper storage, you can put the mojama in olive oil.

Here are some "Montaditos" with Mojama ... let your imagination run free and try different combinations :)


 Mojama-Tomate-QuesoCabra Mojama-Pan-Pinones Mojama-Escalivada Mojama-Ensalada Mojama-Queso Cabra