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 Now in our product range: JAMONES DE JUVILES

It is 100% natural ham, only ham and salt, WITHOUT additives and preservatives.

 Ham assortment - JAMES DE JUVILES

Read on to find out more about these ham ....


  • These ham are made in Granada, Andalusia
  • Trevélez is one of the highest lying villages of Spain and due to the unique climatic conditions of this region, these hams count on particular peculiarities

  • The ham with I.G.P. subject to the guarantee of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and the quality of these products is subject to constant controls.

  • Ham with I.G.P. Trevélez are made solely from male castrated or female pigs of the following breeds or their crosses:
    • Landrace
    • Duroc-Jerzey
    • Larger-white

  • The ripening of ham I.G.P Trevélez is allowed only in 8 municipalities of the Alpujarra Alta

  • Depending on the weight of the raw ham, before curation, a minimum curation period is set for each category:
    * Category 1: minimum maturity period of 14 months - Blue guarantee closure
    * Category 2: minimum maturity of 17 months - Red guarantee closure
    * Category 3: 20 months minimum ripening period - Black guaranteed closure

    Categorias IGP Trevelez

    The ham we have in our assortment is the best category of I.G.P. Trevélez - Category 3 - Black guaranteed closure

  • Curation process is between 14 and 24 months. Neither preservatives nor additives are used

  • The result is a tender, less saline ham, compared to other hams of the same quality


In our assortment you will find ham from the Aplujarra Granada with I.G.P. as well as without.

Most ham producers produce ham, but not all are subject to the Denominations of Origin.

The production of hams subject to these designations of origin must meet strict requirements, such as weight, breed, maturing time. Since many manufacturers have very similar "pieces", they also produce similar hams at a lower cost, without designation of origin.