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Anna - Poland
26/04/16, 08:27
Polacy kochaja Hiszpanie. W BR Spanish Gourmet jest szeroka oferta produktów,
ceny sa uczciwe, a kontakt to czysta przyjemnosc. Moi klienci sa
zadowoleni i wracaja po wiecej i ja równiez!

Poles loves Spain. In BR Spanish Gourmet I can find a wide variety of products,
fair prices and the customer service is great. My customer are happy and
come back for more, and so do I!
David - Ireland
29/02/16, 08:29
We have started our business with Bon Regal 6 months ago and we have found this company to be most reliable business partner that we ever have had. They have huge variety of products and has an exceptionally helpful and well-trained staff.

All of our experience with Bon Regal has been very positive, and to our knowledge this company has a history of timely and successful completion of its jobs.
Paul - Belgium
13/09/15, 08:32
For me, working with Bon Regal is perfect.

The range from products is very large and good quality, the service with Rebecca at the mail and phone is so good and you can always trust.

My company working now about three years with Bon Regal and it will be for a long time.

It’s a pleasure to do business with Bon Regal
Sacha - Deutschland
16/10/18, 06:12
BR Spanisch Gourmet kann ich nur wärmstens empfehlen.
Sehr gute Produkte, große Auswahl zu fairen Preisen.
Wenn man Fragen hat werden sie in kürzester Zeit beantwortet.
Rebecca kann ich hier hervorheben, sie händelt alles für mich.
Sprachprobleme gibt es auch nicht, es wird perfektes deutsch gesprochen.
Weiter so!!!
Claire - United Kingdom
18/10/19, 13:17
"We have been buying from BR Spanish Gourmet for the past 5 years. An easy, painless process - we have no hesitation recommending them. Good quality products, and fair pricing, plus ordering and delivery is always quick and efficient. Very high standard of customer service from Rebecca which is always very much appreciated."