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Carro vacío


Mapa Europa donde vendemosWhen we start a year, we always take a moment to think about what we have achieved in the previous and the new goals for this.

Looking back, we can say that 2017 has been a year of positive change and success, expanding our refrigeration and freezing facilities, adding our full range of frozen products, along with all the new products from our standard range.

We have also expanded our export market and supply customers from 15 different European Union countries with Spanish products.


What are our goals for 2018?

  • To adapt our website to the online shop system so that you can enter your orders directly on our website. We think that it will be much easier for you to place your order in this way, without having to write down all the references in an Excel / Word or in the same e-mail.
  • Another goal is to expand our client portfolio and expand into European countries where we do not have business relationships yet.
  • Further expansion of our product range in order to be able to offer you more and more articles and to facilitate your purchase directly in Spain in this way.
  • Finally, and most importantly, continue to provide good customer service, as well as the correct and reliable preparation of your orders, as well as good transport solutions to facilitate your business relationship with us. Satisfied customers are our main goal, not just this year.